5 Tips| How to Dress Up Your Denim

5 Tips| How to Dress Up Your Denim

Denim Up

Statement Blazer/Jacket

Denim pants, tank top and a blazer. Every person who is style conscious has thrown a blazer over their tank top and denim combo to dress it up. This is by far the most popular of these tips.



Tuck In

We all know this styling tip from when we were kids. Remember when you would want to fly your top/shirt and your mom would insist you tucked it in because “it looks nicer that way”? Well, it turns out mom is always right. Tucking your top is a quick way to make a casual denim outfit a little preppier and dressier.




Statement Jewelry 

To state the obvious, statement jewelry will take your denim look from plain to glam. I personally don’t wear a lot of statement jewelry or a lot accessories for that matter (I love hats though). But this tip works for a lot of people. I find that this tip is useful when you are not sure about the dress code for an event. (We have all been there before). This way, you have a better chance at blending in at the event. If the event ends up being dressy, you have your statement jewelry to rescue you. If it ends up being a casual event, your denim pants save the day!

Pumps/Statement Shoes

Pumps or statement shoes are another quick way to dress anything up. Statement shoes work best when you are going for an outfit that is not too dressy and not too casual either. The statement shoes should be a different colour from the denim piece. It could also be a different shade of the colour of your denim piece (like in the outfit pictured below).



Layer Your Top

Layering requires some skill. Hence, when you layer, you are sending the message that  you have put a lot of thought into your outfit. Layering also introduces different textures and colours into your outfit. In my opinion, adding layers to an outfit makes the outfit dressier.


Your turn! I have a few questions for you.

What are some ways your dress up your denim pieces?

Where are your favourite pair of jeans from?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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    Love all the outfits and tips. Great post! xx


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