5 Tips | Let’s Talk Collaboration

5 Tips | Let’s Talk Collaboration

It’s no news that collaboration and networking is the way forward in just about every field today. If you are looking for a job, looking to get into grad school, looking to score your first big design/branding/writing gig, you should network. Not only do collaborations help you advance in your field, they are also a great way to make friends with like minded individual. If you are lucky, and if you play your cards right, you could become friends with people who help you grow in your field. Who wouldn’t want that? My first blogger collaboration was a few weeks ago with Jackie of  Sincerely Miss J . Our collaboration was a fun photoshoot (guest appearance), as you will see in a second.

I decided to use this opportunity to share a few things I have learned about the process of collaboration.


5 Tips for bloggers interested in collaborating with other bloggers:


1. Reach out. The best way to find people to collaborate with is by talking to them asking them if they would like to do something together. This point is self explanatory.


Photos: Loveoverlenses Photography

2.  When people reach out to you, be nice and responsive. What is worse than not reaching out? Being rude when people reach out to you. Remember that you represent your brand in everything you do. Yes, even in your instagram comments. You don’t know who knows who. Imagine if someone that you are rude to works for a company that you are interested in collaborating with? That would not be pretty.



3. Ask questions. If, between the two of you, you are the one with less experience in your field, then ask questions. Ask them about anything you would like to know. Are you looking to start pitching collaborations to companies? Ask about what you have to do to prepare yourself.



4. Always think about your established audience. When deciding on who to collaborate with, it is always better to pick some one whose aesthetic is similar to yours, especially if you are doing a photoshoot together. For example, collaborating with someone whose style is casual sporty and featuring them on your blog that mostly showcases bohemian chic styles, would not really do much for your audience.


5.Have FUN!


 Stay Passionate,



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