Ankara Fab Again

Ankara Fab Again

Ankara Fab Again 4

Photos: Artislush

I decided to document my AFWT 2016 outfit. It was my first ever AFW event and I must say I was impressed by the pieces showcased. It is amazing how creative these designers get with the ankara fabric.  I love to support budding African entrepreneurs, artists and creatives simply because I know how much potential there is both on the continent and in the diaspora. This is why events like AFWT make me hopeful for Africa’s future. Hopeful and proud is also how I felt when I attended TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) for the first time Thursday night, to support a Nigerian film! TIFF has put together a program within its annual festival called “city to city”, where films from specific cities are showcased each year. This years spotlight was Lagos, Nigeria. This is why there are 8 Nollywood movies playing at Tiff this year. If you are interested, you have enough time to catch a few movies. I cannot wait to see what other cities around the world would be celebrated for its filmmaking in the coming years. Did you see any movies at Tiff this year?

Onto this Outfit: 

Wear to:  Fashion show/event, wedding. Where would you wear this to?

Switching it Up: To make this outfit more minimalist, take the head wrap off, layer the dress over a white short sleeve or long sleeve turtle neck and rock it with a pair of black sandals/pumps. How would you change up this outfit?

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