Chic Sophisticated

Chic Sophisticated

Photos: Artislush

“As a creative and a content creator, trusting the process means believing in my work and overcoming the inevitable cloud of doubt that is present in every creative process. It means ‘being stubborn about (my) goals and flexible about (my) methods.’ It means sowing the seeds  of consistency and passion while exercising faith and patience. ”

This was my response to a friend of mine who recently asked me what it means to me to “trust the process”. With some recent events in my life, I can’t help but think about how easy it is to come up with an eloquent response to questions like this and how difficult it is to actually put these words into action.

It is impossible to downplay how difficult it is to stay relevant and unique in a sea of style bloggers and content creators. Not only is there a constant urge to remain unique, there is also the need to stay relatable. This is why, in all of my creative pursuits, my prayer remains that I continue to stay true to what makes me tick. And that I never let a bad experience with a client, a teacher, a colleague or an internet troll define my capabilities. But most importantly, that I do not achieve said uniqueness at the expense of my core values.

The outfit. 

Wear to: I would wear this to a fashion event with a pair of statement shoes. Where would you wear it to?

Changing it up: For an even more chic sophisticated look, switch the sandals with pumps. You could also add a pop of colour with your shoes.

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Top and bottom from Mamet Apparel

Shoes from Zara

Bag: HnM

Shades: Bigit Up

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