Chiffon Top and Mom Jeans

My first month working in the advertising industry was awesome! Awesome but hectic. Hectic but rewarding. It’s been hectic because that’s just how the industry works. Everyone and everything is always on the go. If you know me, you know that I like being busy. To be honest, in the past, “busyness” has blurred my vision, leading me to mistake being busy for being productive. I think this past month at my new job has sharpened my productivity skills. I’m now used to the fact that the busyness won’t go away. It’s up to me craft out a pattern -within my busy schedule- that ensures I am successful in any projects I undertake, whether it’s a work project of a personal project.

I must say, my new work place is also really doing great things for my style! This is because there are no dress codes, and we are allowed to fully express our individual styles. Yes! Just what I hoped (and prayed) for.

Onto this Outfit:

My chiffon top from a thrift store, which is crazy, because it’s one of  my favourite tops right now. I equally paired the top with my favourite mom jeans from Topshop(which you’ve seen so many times). I have a love hate relationship with the Ferintosh sunglasses from Aldo. I wear them sometimes and they work. Other times they look hedious to me. Ha. But I like them with this outfit.

Switching it Up:

To go for a more edgy, less chic look, switch the pumps for boots.

Wear To:

Work, quick lunch with friends. Where would you wear this outfit to?

Stay Passionate,



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