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Photos: Kristy Cheung

 I have some exciting news to share with you! I will be joining the Stylvo team as  a contributor to its fashion category. Stylvo is a company dedicated to promoting and connecting African brands and content creators, through “unique e-commerce, content and event platforms”. I must say it is really a thrill to be asked to create content for a website that I enjoy reading myself.  I cannot wait to start brainstorming and sharing unique content on that website. That said, is not going anywhere. There will be new content here, every Friday. I am certain that this collaboration will bring about the growth of this blog. I am also excited to be part of a team that seeks to promote growth and collaboration in African fashion and in Africa as a whole. Growth8 Growth10 Growth11 Growth5 Growth6. jpg Growth4 Growth2 Growth

As my first “contribution” to the Stylvo team, I will be taking over the Stylvo Instagram stories and bringing the Stylvo audience with me to Africa Fashion Week Toronto, tomorrow!

Be sure to follow Stylvo (@stylvo_ on Instagram) to experience the fashion show with me!

You can also check out their website here.


On to the Outfit:

Changing it up: Switch the mom jeans with a pair of loose fitted shorts and switch the boots with a pair of snickers for an even more “everyday” look.

Wear To: This is outfit is an everyday-run-errands outfit. Your turn. Where would you wear this outfit to?

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