Model Diary – Make-up (Beauty) Shoot

Model Diary – Make-up (Beauty) Shoot

Welcome to the first entry of my model diary. Here’s hoping that I commit to documenting every “model” shoot I do.

For this shoot, I worked with Gillian Williamson (Photographer) and Joanne Cheng (Make up artist). I remember, in between shots, the photographer was giving the MUA and I some photography tips for beginners. (We had both recently acquired cameras that we had no idea how to use. Ha.) Needless to say, this shoot was fun and relaxed. We only stressed a bit about the outside shots. We were worried we wouldn’t have enough sunlight by they time we were ready to shoot outside. I’m glad we worried for no reason because the shots turned out great. What do you think?

If you are looking for a MUA and or a photographer in the GTA, you should definitely check these talented people out!


Photos: Gillian Williamson

Makeup: Joanne Cheng


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