Mustarding up Some Courage Fall

Photos by Jessica Charuk 

It’s time to make some big decisions! Some decisions that require courage. My internship is over. My stay at the company brought about some significant personal and professional growth. I am not completely certain as to what direction I want to take in my design career yet. But I did gain a better sense of direction.

My stay there has also got me thinking about starting a new design project. I won’t say what it is yet, until I have – you guessed it – mustered up some courage!

My courage will come from: planning, networking, assessing my current skills (and honing them where they need to be honed), asking questions, seeking mentorship (and possible collaborations), making sure that this project is feasible.

I apologize if that is the vaguest announcement you have ever read. Ha! Stay tuned for more details. Fall Fall Fall Fall

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