One Shoulder Top and Boyfriend Jeans

One Shoulder Top and Boyfriend Jeans

Photos: Kristy Cheung

Bold Steps. Plunge. Leap. of. faith.

Since I graduated school I feel like I have been playing it “safe.” Playing it safe in terms of career prospects. But something about the last two weeks and this past weekend (in particular) has changed that mindset. Maybe it’s the conversations I had with people last week, maybe it’s the new found confidence I have in my capabilities, through the projects and people I’ve worked with in the past few weeks. Maybe it’s the sermon I listened to at service on Sunday. I don’t know what it is. But this week I’m breaking through comfort zones and plunging into the unknown.

In my quest for change and growth, I’m leaving a retail company that I’ve been with for a few years (safety), to pursue a career in Digital Communications -Marketing/Advertising (the unknown). A company that accepted me when I was still frail and unsure of what I really wanted in life. A company that entrusted me with responsibilities which have helped shape me into the woman that I am today. I’ve created memories with them and benefited so much from the confidence they have instilled in me. I can’t deny that making this decision was tough (and upsetting) but it’s time to move on.

I guess what I’m trying to do with this post is to say to someone who is in a similar position: “It’s okay to want change,” and “change is really the only way to attain growth.”

Onto this Outfit

I guess you could say I’m going through a “ruffles phrase,” since there were loads of ruffles in my last outfit post.  Ha! I paired this Zara one shoulder top with a pair of Gap boyfriend jeans because I thought it would create a nice contrast. And it did. The one shoulder ruffles top is elegant, dressy and chic, the jeans are not-so-elegant, and super casual. I also added a pop of colour with the mustard yellow (my favourite colour)boots from Zara.

Wear To

This outfit is one of this camouflage outfits that you can get away with anywhere. The one shoulder top is dressy so you’ll fit into a dressy event. The boyfriend jeans will save you if the event turns out super casual.  The boots scream “I’m stylish,” which is always great. Ha.


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