Settling In

pix-elatedpassion.com_settling in

Photos: Kristy Cheung

School has resumed. This week was basically a prelude to what looks like it will be a super busy semester. Through it all, one thing comforts me; IT IS MY FINAL YEAR. This. This is all the sweetness I’ll need to dilute whatever lemons school throws at me in the next few months.

Even more sweetness, this semester I’ll be interning at a PR/Event planning company. I’ll be creating graphics for the websites and magazines. I started last week. So far, so good. In my first week, I already learned quite a lot. My goal is to get int0 art/creative directing. I think I’m on the right path so far.

Onto this Outfit

Switching it Up: Go sporty chic by taking the hat off, and switching the strappy sandals with a pair of sneakers.

pix-elatedpassion.com_settling in

pix-elatedpassion.com_settling inpix-elatedpassion.com_settling inimg_3772img_3812img_3818img_3802pix-elatedpassion.com_settling in

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