Zara Inspired

Zara Inspired

When it comes to imagery and fashion brands, Zara is number one in my books! All you have to do is scroll through the Zara page once to see how well each photo tells a story. Just scrolling through Zara’s website gives me so much inspiration! I also love how each image depicts the right amount of  movement to highlight candidness. I could go on and on, really. As far as putting together outfits, I like to experiment with and combine different silhouettes and fabrics. Zara also does not shy away from new silhouettes. So, really, we were made for one another, Zara and I! Ha!

Add me on snapchat (@pixelatepassion) to see me visit Zara for outfit inspiration.


More Outfit Details:

Wear to:  Actually, the day after this photoshoot, I wore this Zara inspired outfit to church (without the denim jacket).

Switching it Up: I already switched it up between the flats and the sandals.

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